Our Initiatives

We are big believers of providing solutions to national and global problems. We have taken the initiative to solve these problems by designing relevant solutions that will better the world, improves lives and empower business processes.

Kadodo Africa

Business Directory & Profiling

Kadodo Africa

Kadodo Africa is a business, industry, and trade online resource dedicated to businesses of all sizes especially SMEs to connect with people who are actively searching online for their products and services. The platform serves as a business directory, marketing site, product display portal, as well as job listing and recruitment place. It positions businesses to be competitive in their respective industries.

Kadodo is created to profile, verify and authenticate businesses in Africa starting from Ghana for them to be ready to take advantage of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA).

It provides information on products and services and other business opportunities on the continent of Africa.


Payment Solution


Sukupay is a third-party mobile, online payment solution and transactional system that also uses QR code feature to enable offline digital payment.

Sukupay has 2 components; the payment solution and e-commerce platform, making it easy for both merchants and individuals to have seamless transactions at a relative competitive price.

Social impact project


eDuBoost is a social impact project which aims to position ICT as the focal point of education in Ghana. We provide training and build capacity for teachers and students to use technology to drive learning. The model involves equipping schools with low-cost state-of-the-art technology using a shared-cost approach and leveraging resources from technology partners. The setup includes an ultramodern ICT training center (if there is none) with appropriate lighting, ventilation and internet access. eDuBoost also provides school management systems, customized school websites, e-learning softwares, games and various e-contents.

Training and capacity building is a big part of eDu-Boost, we run refresher courses for ICT teachers; IT training for school administrators and teachers; and routine support and maintenance for the systems deployed. Above all, we provide the needed environment to unearth the full potential of students in building innovative solutions for our society.


Information technology in agriculture


SUKU Technologies created SukuFarms as a social enterprise that exists to eradicate poverty by enriching and deepening the inclusion of Information technology in the agricultural value chain using an application; mobile phone and web based; known as SukuFarms developed to work with individual farmers or cooperations with multiple farmers. It enables small holder farmers to move from traditional farming to market-oriented farming by accessing modern best practices, real time information on weather patterns and policies that are likely to affect their farm yields and easy access to market places thus easing value chain transactions.

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