Network Engineering

Focus on the core services of your business while our expert network engineers manage your IT and cloud infrastructure, data centers, enterprise security and other managed services.

IT Infrastructure, Portals & Collaboration

Businesses are evolving and current and emerging businesses need to adapt to the changing demand in technology no matter the industry they find themselves.

SUKU Technologies provides IT infrastructure and portals to businesses.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services

SUKU Technologies has an immerse pool of knowledge and resources in cloud and infrastructure. If a business is in the process of adopting a cloud Technology solution or want expect knowledge on the subject, we have a dedicated team of expertise in vast years of experience in the subject area.

Data Centre Service

SUKU Technologies provide data center services to SMEs and large-scale enterprises. We believe where you store your brand or company data is a priority. And we are dedicated to ensure the safety and security of your data. We ensure that data is not only securely stored but also adequately maintained.

CCTV Installations, Employee Time Clocking and Access Control

Whether it is at your home, office or even warehouse, we are prompt to respond to your CCTV Installations needs. We also provide employee Time Clocking and Access Control systems to SMEs and established enterprises.

System Installation and Repairs

We provide the installations and repairs of all network and engineering tools and platforms of businesses.