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We had our first Netsquared Accra meetup for the year just a few days ago where we discussed with nonprofit leaders, the technology trends for their nonprofits in 2020.

At the meetup, I was sharing with the attendees some of the important tech trends they should be looking at this year in other to boost their not-for-profit organization’s branding, marketing, and fundraising.

For some nonprofit organizations like my STEM Rising Foundation, technology is inevitable for us as it literally bundled in all of our causes. But some nonprofits with initiatives like a food drive, blood bank, and quality health care may tend to overlook the need for technology in accomplishing their missions. And TechSoup through its Netsquared program is helping non-profits use technology for social good no matter the domain of their initiative. And this influences the topic for our first meetup each year.

During the meetup, we discussed the prevalence of e-learning platforms in 2019 and a lot more people enrolling in online courses in 2020. We introduced attendees briefly to the TechSoup courses and how advantageous it will be to their nonprofit staff and volunteers.

We also discussed fundraising for nonprofits in 2020 through Livestream Fundraising, Facebook fundraising, and cryptocurrency donations. We spoke about a live streaming platform like Twitch and its integration with platforms like JustGiving and DonorDrive.

We also anticipate a huge penetration of mobile devices in Africa and expect a lot of nonprofits to revamp their existing websites to become responsive if they are not and those about to develop a website for their nonprofits need to consider responsive design as majority of website visitors will be doing so from a mobile device. Moreover, some of these visitors may be prospective donors and volunteers.

In Conclusion, no matter what cause or mission your nonprofit is undertaking this, technology is a great aid for your social good. And register to attend our next meetup in February. Join us for a social media Bootcamp.

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