Are you looking for ways to place your mobile app into the hands of millions? If yes, then keep reading to learn about some amazing marketing strategies that can get your app discovered among the multitude of options available across iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms. Here’s all you need to know about mobile application marketing:

Things to consider before launching the mobile app
Planning for mobile application marketing should not be a post-launch activity. To make the marketing strategy successful, a lot of forethought should go into the marketing activities before the app is even developed. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you must consider before launching the mobile app:

Choosing the right keywords — Help the users find your app easily by including the right keywords. Learn about the keywords that are of importance, which relate to the app and represent what it does. Including a keyword in the app’s name is a great way to help it get found.

Know your competition — When it comes to having the right marketing strategy, having proper knowledge about your competitors is an important step. Find who your key competitors are, what keywords they use to market their apps and what are their ranks. Also finding information about their key features would be an essential step in designing your app’s marketing strategy.

Care about the aesthetics — Before developing your mobile app, think of the icon that will represent it in the best manner. Select an icon that does complete justice to your app’s category, its style and the objectives it aims to fulfill. Also, don’t forget to include some amazing screenshots of your app once it’s developed, as visitors spend a lot of time on the app’s page and are expected to download it if they like what they see on the description section of the app.

Things to consider after launching the mobile app

The post-launch marketing strategies involve activities that help you be in the know. Here’s what you should do to market your app well once you have launched it:

Submit the app on app review sites — There are higher odds of getting the much-needed publicity for your mobile app once quite a few app review sites have reviewed it. After launching the app, submit it to the app review sites to increase your app’s brand awareness, attract eyeballs and to gain more downloads.

Spread the word on social media — An excellent way to market your app is to make it viral on the social media. Write content that markets your app brilliantly and makes it shareable. Share pictures of some genuine users using your app and gather the attention of prospective users. Also, make app sharing a simple process with several ways to share it through SMS, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

Ask for user feedback — A great way to ensure that a mobile app tops the popularity charts is to get genuine user reviews and use the feedback to win the customers. Aim for 5-star ratings as the higher the ranking of your app, the more visibility it is likely to get.

Think of creative ways to get your app ranked by the users. From providing credits to giving some exciting offers, do all that’s possible to receive good reviews so that your app builds trust in the app community and gains more users in the course of time.


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